Don Wales born September 1960,lives in Surrey and is a professional photographer, married with twins Charlotte and Joe.

Don holds the World Land Speed Record for a Steam car along with 2 American National Records. He broke the record in August 2009 in the British Steam Car ‘Inspiration’ on Edwards Airforce base in California. The two-way average speed was 148mph over the measured one Kilometre. He also broke The UK National Record for an Electric car along with a further 7 UK records. He broke the UK Electric car record 3 times and held it for over 12 years with an average speed of 137mph over the measured mile on Pendine Sands and hit over 160mph.

In December 2009 Don was announced as the driver for Project Runningblade the attempt to be the World’s fastest lawn mower. On May 23rd 2010 Don broke the record with a new speed of 87.83 mph average over a two way average of one mile on Pendine Sands. The top speed was 94mph! The previous holder, Bobby Cleveland was at Pendine to witness his record being beaten and has since taken the record back at 94 mph.

In August 2011 Don and his son Joe attempted to increase the UK electric car record, but after a big slide Joe ran off course and broke his fathers car!

Don’s talks are unique, a mix of family history and human endeavour, centring on the achievements of his grandfather and his Uncle, explaining how the Bluebird crashed. He is also able to talk about his own personal experiences whilst record breaking.