Grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE
Holder of 9 Land Speed Records and 4 Water Speed Records
301 mph September 3rd 1935

Donald Campbell CBE
7 Worlds Water Speed Records
1 Worlds Land Speed Record
Both Records in 1964

Bluebird Electric is born 1996
Elvington May 1997 116mph
Pendine June 2000 128mph
Pendine August 2000 137mph

New Steam Car World Record at Edwards Airforce Base
August 25th 2009 new 1mile record set by Charles Burnett iii of 139mph
August 26th 2009 new 1Km record set by Don Wales of 148mph
Project Running Blade, May 23rd 2012 Pendine Sands 87.833 Guinness World Record for a ride on lawn mower.