In May 1997 Don broke his first UK National record for an Electric car on the runway at Elvington at a speed of 116mph.

He increased the record in June 2000 to 128mph on Pendine Sands in Wales with a new lighter more aerodynamic car

August 2000 Don posted a two way mile average of 137mph, with a peak speed of over 160mph, again on Pendine Sands. This record stood for 12 years and was beaten in October 2012 by Nick Ponting and the Ecotricity team at just over 150mph leaving the door open for a fresh attempt in the summer 2013 from Don and the Bluebird Team. – details to follow!

In August 2011 Don and his son Joe attempted to increase the UK record for an Electric car on Pendine Sands. However conditions were not favourable and during an attempt by Joe, the car swerved at high speed on soft sand and ended up in an area of large pot holes damaging the car and ending the record attempt.